Frequently Asked Questions

When should we arrive for our tour?

All tours depart on time. We cannot wait for late arrivals. Refunds are not given if you miss your departure time. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to plan to arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled departure. There are plenty of interesting things inside The Local Store to entertain you while you wait!

Where can I park?

The parking lot across Galloway St from The Oxbow Hotel - kitty-corner from The Local Store - is available for trolley patrons on evenings and weekends.

How long do tours typically last?

We have tours lasting as few as 30 minutes or as long as four hours. Please note the duration listed with each tour and be prepared for that length of time.

What ages are best for riding the trolley?

Any! However, we do ask that any very small infant or child typically requiring a rear-facing car seat do not ride.

Other than that, keep in mind the length of tour you’re considering and whether small children or those with shorter attention spans would enjoy it. We offer our shorter 30-minute Family Fun Tour, which may work best for younger riders.

Considering elderly riders, just know that entry onto the trolley does require going up three steps from the curb with a solid handrail on both sides. More information on accessibility can be found here. Additionally some tours, such as those visiting breweries, are 21+ only.

I see that some tours ask that you get on and off the trolley to cross bridges or walk on nature trails, do riders have to get off at these stops?

Some of our tours offer short interactive experiences off the trolley itself. In most cases, riders may choose to instead wait on the trolley for other riders to return and for the tour to continue. But for some tours, getting off the trolley might be the whole purpose of the experience, so please ask if you have any questions about this to ensure you enjoy your tour.

When is the trolley “open-air” and when does it have its windows in?

Whenever possible, we love having the windows out of our trolley for an open-air experience for riders. In these cases, the window inserts have two large brass safety rails across each opening, with clear vinyl roll-down windows if needed. They can be rolled down in case of rain, or if its just too hot and we’re running the air-conditioning.

But really, your trolley ride may take place under either scenario — windows, or open air — and on a hot summer day, or on a cool fall day. This is why we always tell riders to be prepared for cool breezes and/or warm sun.

What qualifications do your drivers have?

All our drivers have passed written commercial drivers license exams as well as physical tests for vehicle inspections, safe backing, and safe traffic operation. They hold a minimum of a Class C CDL licenses with a passenger endorsement. Some of our drivers have also driven larger school buses, city busses, or full-size semis.

Can I bring food or drink on the trolley?

Sorry, no. While we operate a number of tours taking you to and from food & drink establishments, we do not allow food and drink to be consumed while on the trolley itself. The only exceptions here are reusable water bottles with lids on at all times.

Are pets or service animals allowed on the trolley?

No. Unfortunately due to space and immediate proximity to other riders, the trolley cannot accommodate animals of any kind.

Can I use the trolley in a photo shoot?

Possibly! Use of the trolley for photoshoots follows the same cost and time protocols as a private rental. For details on those requirements, please see the private rental page.

Can I book the trolley for a private tour or event?

Yes! While availability can be quite limited, we’d be happy to partner with you for your event if possible. Please visit the private rental page for full information.

Does the Trolley have seatbelts?

Like most rail trollies, street buses, shuttles, limos, or school buses, etc, the Chippewa River Trolley seats do not have seat belts.

Can I race against the trolley down Clairemont Avenue or Hastings Way?

Very common question, but no, the trolley does not currently accept challenges to race.