The Chippewa River Trolley company is always adding to our team to offer even more experiences each season.

Trolley roles, which can have a varying and negotiable number of hours from April thru December, include:

Professional Trolley Drivers

Drivers are the heart of our operation — outgoing and friendly folks focused on safe operation of our 22 passenger vehicle, and passionate about sharing the history and stories of our community. Drivers must have or acquire a current Fed Med Card and a Class C commercial drivers license with a passenger endorsement. Working together on training to secure these items is possible. Drivers may operate both public ticketed tours and private rentals.

Tour Guides & Performers

Some tours with a higher level of production or interactivity require a two-person team, where the tour guide or performer is separate from the driver. These paid performers use a combination of written scripts and improvisation to create an engaging experience for the riders both on and off the trolley. Theatrical opportunities may include our Dark History tour, holiday tours, or other performative experiences.

Combination Drivers/Tour Guides

While we’re taking applications for the above roles separately, more opportunities exist for individuals who can serve in both roles, such as driving a tour while also simultaneously narrating it. These combination roles comprise most of our tours.

What Else?

Additionally, drivers/tour operators must be outgoing, friendly, and articulate individuals able to learn key operational details and concepts, while improvising and interacting with riders to create a fun and memorable experience for people of all ages. A passion for the Eau Claire community is of course a big plus!

Hourly pay for these roles is comparative with similar passenger-driving roles in the community, and comes with the fun perks and benefits of being a part of the Volume One team.


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